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Handsome International Health attends The sixth Great Wall International Health

Author:hanxiang Date:2016-01-21 Hits:5017

The sixth Great Wall International Health Forum was held on 21st, Nov, 2015. Participants had a heated discussionabout “parent health”, “internet health”, “international referring health” and other trendy words in the forum. The Great Wall International Health forum is organized by advertisement department, National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s republic of China with cooperation with health promotion institutions with alllevels and multiple media.

Chief of advertisement department of National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s republic of China Qunan Mao, deputy directoreneral of Zhejiang Health department Runlong, Xu, Dingxiangyuan founder Tiantian Li, Dr, Smile Medical Group founder Qiang Zhang, Shulan Health founder Jie Zheng, Holly Group Corp president Licheng, Wang, Zhuojian Technology founder Jianfeng, Wei, Fuzhou Militar General Hospital Information Center Chief Jinxiong, Chen and Handsome International Health are invited as the speakers of the Health Forum to discuss evolution of the medical health system.

▲Jie Zheng, Tiantian Li, Licheng Wang, Qiang Zhang, Xin Chen(from left to right) Xin Chen, vice manager of Handsome

International Health, shared the newest international referring strategic and make an company introduction in terms of “who we are”, “what we are doing”, ”how we are going ” in an easytounderstand approach. Handsome International Heath are committed to international medical service as the leader of international referring. Handsome International Health was found on 2011. It is affiliated to Bloss om Investment Co.,Ltd with headquarters set in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou and officers in Houston, New York, Boston, etc. Handsome International Health is committed to provide comprehensive and high quality international referrin g service to each client.

At present, Handsome International Health has invested a 200 million construction project as patient & family hotel. In addition, Handsome International Health has established a cooperation relationship with MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston Methodist Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital, etc. In the meantime, Handsome Internatio nal Health is exploiting new resources in the US.

▲Xin Chen, vice manager, Handsome International Health “Healthy China means health and sustainable development which interact as both cause and effect.

Health problem is a global focus in economic social. We need to focus more on prevention and health promotion through health management and funds raising to improve health statement, reduce social inequalities, eliminate poverty and finally the development of our country and humanbeings. ”said, Qunan Mao, chief of advertisement department, National Health and Family Planning Commission of the People’s republic of China.

▲Tiantian Li, founder of Dingxiangyuan

“Device, system, platform and data connection is the newest ecological pattern according to the new development of health ecology in the US. And this is whole new internet medical ecology under internet and information technol ogy. ”said Tiantian Li, founder of Dingxiangyuan.

▲Qiang Zhang, founder of Dr. Smile Medical Group “I feel many challenges coming every time I attend a meeting in other fields.

With the development of data analysis, may robot replace humanbeings? Will wearable devices be implanted subcutaneously? It will be a springtime for surge on. ”said Qiang Zhang, founder of Dr. Smile medical group.

The concepts and ideas shared in the forum will be a great help for our developing. As the leader of Handsome International Health, we’d like to cooperate with any friends who are working on international health. We expect the developing of international referring service.

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