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Handsome International Health is invited by AACR

Author:hanxiang Date:2016-01-21 Hits:3686

Mr. Wang, founder of Handsome International Health is invited by American Association for Cancer Research (AACR)to attend the 2015 annual meeting on 12th18th, April, 2015. Handsome International Health is the only international referring agency invited.

▲Wang, Chaoyang, founder of Handsome International Health comes to the AACR annual meeting.

The meeting established an academic communication for researchers all over the world. The subject of the meeting is presenting the up-to-date progress made in cancer research. The AACR was founded in 1907 by a group of 11 physicians and scientists interested in research, ”to further the inve stigation and spread the knowledge of cancer ”. The AACR is the oldest and largest scientific organiz ation in the world focused on every aspect of high-quality, innovative cancer research. Attended are expertise who have make great contribution to the cancer research. They come from more than 60countries. Handsome International Health is recognized by AACR as the international referring agency.

▲Wang, Chaoyang, founder of Handsome International Health, is attending the AACR annual meeting.

Handsome International Health provide international referring service and American physical examination service for Chinese patient. “Handsome International Health has referred many patients of different diseases to top hospitals in US. We haveprovide an alternative treatment plan. Tumor patients makes up for 85% of our clients.

We are dedicated tohelp the patient receive the most advanced treatment. That’s why we are invited by AACR to attend the meeting.”

▲Wang, Chaoyang, founder of Handsome International Health, reading the booklet about cancer.

“We maintain a good relationship with American top hospital, also, we are focused on medical team establishment. We have appointed Aiden Zhang as our chief medical officer of our company in US. Dr. Zhang has his doctorate fromtop medical university in China, and he has been working at MD Anderson Cancer Center, the no.1 cancer hospital in US, for years. His experience in hospital guarantee the best service we provideto our clients.”

▲Handsome International Health founder Wang, Chaoyang and chief medical officer Dr. Zhang have a photo taken on the meeting.

Handsome International Health was specially invited by AACR due to our rich experience in international referring.“The progress of cancer research belong to all human beings. Each tumor patient has the right to receive themost advanced medical technologies. I hope that our efforts can eventually bring the health of the people of allover the world. ”said James P. Allison, president of AACR.

“That’s our longcherished wish too. We hope that we can help the patient across the Pacific Ocean to receive the most advanced medical service in US, which may change their life in the way of searching treatment.” Said Dr. Zhang, ”Our goal is to refer the patient to the top hospital but not ordinary.

Also, our medical team refer our clients to the hospital according to their condition so that they can receive the best treatment. ” “We are the only medical referring agency invited by the AACR. It means a lot for us that our service is acknowle dged by American Medical field.

Meanwhile it is a great chance for us to learn and to keep pace with the advancemedical technologies. It’s important because we need to provide our clients medical info rmation precisely and updated. ” “It’s great opportunity for us to make new friends and meet up with old friends. After the meeting, we have received some invitations from several hospitals. We may establish new relationships with one or several hospitals among them, which provide our Chinesepatients more choice. ” said Mr. Wang.

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