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Handsome International Health announces a partnership with Best Healthcare

Author:hanxiang Date:2016-01-19 Hits:16975

Handsome International Health holds a press conference to sign a contract with Best Healthcare in Hangzho BlossomWater Museum Hotel,which attract more than 20 news medium. The subjective of the conference is comprehensiv cooperation between Hand some International Health anBest Health regarding referring to Mayo Clinic and the me dical resource balance between China and America. At the beginning of the conference, Wang, Chaoyang, founder of Handsome Internatio nal Health, make a speech regarding international referring service. “Handsome International Health is committed to international referring service to cast gold name card. Now,Handsome International Health has invested a 200 million hotel project for our clients when they seek treament in theU.S. Besides, Handsome Internati onal Health has established cooperation relationships with dozens of hospitals includ ing MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston Methodist Hospital, Massachusetts General Hospital. Andwe are exploiting new resources in the U.S. to help our clients more. ” 

▲Wang, Chaoyang, founder of Handsome International Health is making a speech. Handsome International Health was found on 2011 as subsidiary corporation of Blossom Investment Share Co.,Ltd. The headquarters is located in Xiaoshan, Hangzhou. Other office locations includes Houston, New York, Boston, etc. Our mission is to provide comprehensive international referring service for eachclient. In recent 4 years, our clients has increased rapidly due to our excellent public reputation. The aim of cooperation with Best Healthcare, the referring office of Mayo Clinic in China invested by Hillhouse CapitalManage ment Limited, is to provide highe quality international referring service and promote the development of Chinese and American medical cooperation. “Mayo Clinic is the No.1 medical group in the US. It ranks top 1 in 8 specialties and top 3 in 4 specialties among all 16 clinical specialties according to 20152016 U.S. News & World Report. Every year we provide healt hcare for people come from more than 150 countries. Mayo Clinic is recognized as world classhospital.”Said Mr Wei Qu, the pri nciple and CEO of Best Healthcare.

▲Mr. Wei Qu, CEO and principle of Best Healthcare, is making a speech at the conference. The aim of cooperation with Best Healthcare, the referring office of Mayo Clinic in China invested by Hillhouse Capital Management Limited, is to provid higher quality international referring service and promote the devel opment of Chinese and American medical cooperation. 

▲Mr. Baihuan Shen, president of Blossom Investment Share Co.,Ltd is making a speech at the conference.“ “ I am excited about the cooperation between Handsome International Health and Best Healthcare open a green channel forour clients who are seeking Mayo Clinic for medical service. I am really appreciated the concerning and support of the friendsof different fields. ”Says Baihuan Shen, president of Blossom Investment Share Co., Ltd. 


▲Handsome International Health founder Wang, Chaoyang and Best Healthcare CEO and principal Wei Qu has signed thcontract.In the Q&AIn the Q&A session, Chaoyang Wang and Wei Qu answer the questions that medium are concerned. “Handsome International Health are willing to cooperate with all the friends and organizations who are working on international health. The cooperation with Best Healthcare today is a great start. The advanced culture of Mayo Clinic is what we need learning. I look forward the future that we commit to international referring service together, which opens green channel for Chinese patient to America, casting gold name card. In the future, we will underg further cooperation and achieve winwin situation. ”Says Chaoyang, Wang, founder of Handsome International Health.

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