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Handsome International Health discuss further cooperation with

Author:hanxiang Date:2016-01-19 Hits:4207

Yesterday, Handsome International Health work team were invited by Liao, Jieyuan, president of to attend a meeting regarding further cooperation at HIPARK. In the meeting, Handsome International Health and discussed about establishing a platform for taking Chines patient to US and bringing American patient to China.

In the meeting, president Liao, Jieyuan said that Handsome International Health’s strength had made a great impression on him, including the referring speed,authentications by several American hospitals and 200 million hotel project in Houston. “Handsome International Health and complement with each other. has established partnerships with more than 1400 well known hospitals. It has more than 82 million members. In China, people are already quite familiar with Handsome International Health. On the one hand, Handsome International Health is characteristic of his financial strength, it has started its 200 million hotel project and purchase the land as office 100 meters away from MD Anderson Cancer Center, top 1 cancer hospital. On the other hand, it has rich medical resources that it has established partnerships with top 10 hospitals in US. ” said president Liao, Jieyuan.

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