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Handsome International Health and “Internet+”

Author:hanxiang Date:2016-01-18 Hits:2478

With the maturation of cloud computing, internet of things, mobile internet and big data, medical internetare now remodeling medical resources. Internet is now transforming medical health service and management service due to it transcends time and space.

Last week, Mrs. Meiping Qi, general manager of Handsome International Health was invited to attend “Internet+Healthcare”, one salon of the series. Participants includes medical academics, investors, 

entrepreneurs and etc. In the salon, they discussed the future of mobile medical internet and shared high-end healthcare,high-end international referring.

In the salon, Min Zhou, chief of information center, The First Hospital of Zhejiang Province, shared the mobile internet of the hospital at the aspect of the hospital. Also, she analyzed the possibilities of innovation business including tele medicine, virtual hospital, palmhospital, etc.

In the future, data sharing through internet or internet of things will make healthcare more efficient and timely and bring hospitals and patients closer without repetitive examinations, thus more time and work will be saved not only for patients but also for hospitals. Besides, data sharing will help the communication among doctors which promotes the develop mentof medicine. Ren Cheng, executive vicepresident of Enjoyor and president of Jiankangbao, and Tingting Chang, general manager of Jiankangbao introduced WIT120 to the participants.

After wards, Meiping Qi, general manager of Handsome International Health and pioneer of international referring, said, “The advanced healthcare in the U.S. provides more choice to the patients especially cancerpatients. Most of patients will receive a treatment of which the outcome may much better. We need the help of the Internet to deliver advertisement to the patient who are capable to receive treatment in the U.S. due to the high medical expenses. With the help of internet, our work could be much more efficient. ”

Next is discussion session, the entrepreneurs discussed about the problem they encountered in their business. Many participants showed their interest in international referring and were looking forward to the future of international referring.

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