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Chinese and American remote academic conference----encephalic angioma session

Author:hanxiang Date:2016-01-18 Hits:27517

The ”Chinese and American academic conferenceencephalic angioma session” was held on 12th, Dec, 2015 attended by Houston Methodist Hospital,Zhejiang University International Hospital, Xiangya Hospital Central South Hospital, Wuhan Union Hospital,etc. T he conference was organized by Houston Methodist Hospital with cooperation of Handsome Inter national Health.

▲Handsome International Health and Zhejiang University International Hospital are attending the remote video

academic conference.

As the medical resources balancer between China and America, Handsome International Health are com mitted in promoting the academic exchanging between China and America. ”Chinese and American acad emic conference----encephalic angioma” is one of Handsome International Health’s project. Physicians of wellknown hospitals of 5 different province in China and Jonathan Zhang, neurologist of Houston Methodist Hospital in America shared their clinical experiences and discussed clinical cases together via remote video communication technology.

▲Dr. Zhang, Houston Methodist Hospital, is sharing clinical cases in remote conference. Houston Methodist Hospital ranks top in US especially in vascular & heart disease, neurosurgery, gastroe nterology.

Houston Methodist Hospital is the leading comprehensive hospital in Texas where American pre president Bush and other business celebrities receive medical service.

The keynote speaker, Professor Jonathan Zhang is the frontline clinical academic of Houston Methodist H ospital and Weill Cornell Medical Hospital and chief of encephalic angioma center, neurosurgery departme nt, Houston. Jonathan Zhang specialized in comprehensive treatment of cerebrovascular disorders including intracranial aneurysm, subarachnoid hemorrhage, Moyamoya arteriopathy, stroke, arteriovenous malfo rmations and so on.

He led 15 research projects, published 40 articles and wrote 8 books/book chapters. He also present and spoke up to 48 times in conferences worldwide.

▲At the beginning of the conference, Dr. Zhang shared typical cases he had treated and advanced medical technolog y in America with Chinese doctors. He especially focused on intra-arteries technology and academic date.

During the discussion session, all the participants shared their experiences, ideas and characteristics of t heir own hospitals, some brought up confuses and questions encountered in the work to the Dr. Zhang.

The front-line information benefits all the participants. Xin Chen, vice manager of Handsome International Health Corp. in China said: “One and half month ago, I brought up the necessity of the conference since Chinese and American medicine complement each othe r when I visit Houston Methodist Hospital. The internet benefits medical exchange between China and Ame rica. It’s our goal to promote the medical academic exchange. And the academic exchange in turn benefits the development of Handsome International Health.”

▲Xin Chen, vice general manager, Handsome International Health (right) and Aiden Zhang, chief medical officer, Hands ome International Health (left) and Mr. Jose, Houston Methodist Hospital had a group photo taken after meeting.

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