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《NetEase》It is becoming popular to go abroad to see a doctor , the industry lea

Author:hanxiang Date:2015-07-08 Hits:72221

In recent years, with the increasing living standards of people, the number of people going abroad to see a doctor also continued to rise. Why is it more and more popular to go abroad?. In the hall, the doctor's visits, the piano alone single ward flowers, green river scenery out of the window...... In China, which is difficult and expensive to see a doctor, this is a luxury standard, but in the United States and other developed countries, this is the basic standard.

First, to go abroad to see a doctor, the five year survival rate of cancer patients is higher

In 2012, the American Cancer Society and the National Cancer Institute jointly released a report that, due to the increase in survival and other factors, to the United States cancer survivors in 2022 will be about 13700000 to about 18000000. The cancer survivors, about 45% of people aged over 70 years of age or older, only 5% of the people not to 40 years old, 64% of survivors diagnosed have at least 5 years, 15% of the survivors of cancer for more than 20 years.

China Cancer Registration Center released the 2013 annual report shows that China's annual new cancer cases for 2700000, 3500000 of cancer deaths, cancer has been ranked among the leading cause of death in urban and rural residents, the cure rate of cancer, the current developed countries has reached 65%, China has only 30% left right.

Second, domestic medical resources over concentration

The main medical resources in China are concentrated in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other big cities, famous hospital crowded every day and most of the patients from the field. Excessive concentration of medical resources in the two consequences: on the one hand, the hospital medical resources is too tight, the hospital environment and medical services are not satisfactory; on the other hand, doctors in labor time and labor intensity on the lack of protection, daily super load receiving patients, physical and mental fatigue.

Although the network technology is increasingly developed, the patient can save a lot of information costs, but this does not ease the excessive concentration of medical resources and lead to excessive tension. Because of such a medical environment, so that some of the economic ability of people choose to go abroad to spend more money to enjoy better medical environment and better medical resources.

Third, the new drug market leader in domestic 3 ~ 5 years.

China lacks effective anticancer drugs, but also a large number of cancer patients to go abroad to see a doctor's important reason. In the field of China's lack of cancer drugs, the United States has the most cancer survivors. "Mainly in the treatment of the treatment of the mother cell tumor, leukemia, lung cancer, colorectal cancer, breast cancer and melanoma, and so on." Han Xiang medical founder Wang Zhaoyang said:

Foreign drugs into China are mainly difficult in the patent and approval. FDA approval of the drug through but some of the patent protection of the world intellectual property protection, in the protection period, other countries and enterprises are not able to copy. Even if the patent pharmaceutical companies take the initiative to apply to enter China, also need to all materials submitted to China's drug supervision and price departments, to obtain a batch of drugs, including to China representative sample of data from clinical trials, clinical data, batch number, would take at least two to three years.

It is understood that in the last two years, through the Han Xiang medical treatment of Chinese patients have reached hundreds of people every year, and a considerable part of the people are directed at foreign new drugs to go.

Part of the advanced equipment is only made in foreign countries

Proton therapy system is known as the "kill cancer weapon", can directly to the tumor center, reduce the damage to other parts of the body, is currently the world's most advanced, but also the most expensive ultra large cutting-edge medical equipment, only the United States, Japan and other developed countries to be able to manufacture. Massachusetts General Hospital, is the largest proton therapy center in the United States, there are 11000 cases of patients treated in this year.

In short, because of the excessive concentration of public medical resources, causing the country to see a doctor, the doctor, the doctor, because the medical insurance system is unreasonable, resulting in medical treatment, due to the medical market over control, leading to the lack of adequate domestic medical technology and new drug research and development, foreign new drugs can not enter the country to meet the needs of patients. All of the above, so that more and more people have the ability to choose to go abroad to see a doctor.

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